Youth Conference 2001

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Alhamdulillah, last year's Youth Tarbiyah Conference which was held on 20th, 21st & 22nd July 2001 at Madinatul Uloom Al-Islamiyyah, Kidderminster was a resounding success.

Many speakers and guests from around the world were invited.  This year saw thousands of young and old alike flocking to the three day event.  With food and accommodation provided, most people stayed the nights in the beautiful vicinity of the school grounds.  You can now also take benefit and relive the whole conference by ordering the conference set on audio cassette.  Some of the valuable lectures and advices given  at the conference are listed below.

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Importance of Safeguarding the Tongue
Maulana Maqsud Gangat
Maulana Ibrahim Mogra
Aklaaq - Noble Characteristic of the Prophet 
Maulana Ahmad Patas
The effects of the Environment on Human Life
Maulana Ebrahim Madni
Method of Education of the Sahaba 
Maulana Imran Mogra
Keeping Steadfast to Principles of Faith, Practice and Sincerity
Maulana Mahmood Chandia
Purpose of Man's existence
Maulana Saeed Peerbhai
Advice to a Teenager
Maulana Shabbir Menk
Taqwa - Fear of Allah (Godfearing)
Maulana Rafiq Sufi
Zeal for Hadeeth
Shaykh Riyadhul-Haq
Connection and link with Allah
Maulana Ebrahim Madni
Final Dua
Maulana Abdur-Raheem
Life - A Blessing
Maulana Bahauddin Sayed
Nazam - Naat - Nasheed 1
How to safeguard one's Iman in todays society
Maulana Khalil Kazi
Nazam - Naat - Nasheed 2

Status of the Sahabah
Maulana Anas Giathuddin

Nazam - Naat - Nasheed 3
Favours and Love of Allah
Maulana Ahmad Ali
Nazam - Naat - Nasheed 4
Maulana Ashraf Makadam-Patel
Nazam - Naat - Nasheed 5
How to Achieve Steadfastness PART 1, PART 2
Shaykh Riyadhul-Haq


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