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As you may be aware, The Islamic Shariah Institute is a charitable non-profit making organisation that is involved in da'wah activities of various kinds. Mashallah we have people who are willing to give their time and effort to co-ordinate these activities. However, in this process we incur many costs and overheads. These must be met and are through donations of individuals like yourself who want to make a difference to someone else's life maybe in the same way that they were affected and changed when they benefitted from the work of the Islamic Shariah Institute. Now you can make a difference with us. We would sincerely appreciate your donations to aide us in this noble work. Simply fill out the secure donations form below.

May Allah accept from you and us. May Allah put barakah (blessings) in your donations and make it a means of salvation in the hereafter. Ameen

Jazakallah for your time and effort and helping the ISI in its da'wah activities.

1) Due to payment processing fees, could you please make a MINIMUM donation of £5.00 (sterling).
2) In the donation amount box only enter the figure you want to donate and not the '£' sign. For example, a donation of £30.00 would be entered in the box as 30.00

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