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Sorry for the recent problems you may have had accessing the daily audio files on our NetStation.  This was caused by the enormous volume of traffic on our audio server.  Some of the audio files below are available for you to listen to.  We hope to fully resolve the problem soon.  Please return here to check regularly.  Sorry for the inconvenience and may Allah reward you for your patience.

Through Net Station, you can tune in to us any time and access a large archive of audio material daily including Naats in Urdu, Nasheeds in Arabic, Qiraat of the Holy Quran and talks.

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Naat 04 Nasheed 04 Qari Abdul Basit - Surah Noor The Signs of Allah -
Part 1
Part 2
Naat 03 Nasheed 03 Quran 03 Ramadhan - The Spiritual Month
Naat 02 Nasheed 02 Quran 02 Satanic Whispers
Naat 01 Nasheed 01 Quran 01 The Lure of Shaytaan and the Promise of Allah

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