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How to Achieve Steadfastness
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Compassion Despite Disagreement
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The Idol Within

by Shaykh Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq

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The Signs of Allah
Hurricanes, Tornados, Floods, The Eclipse, Twisters, The Millenium, Earthquakes
A talk detailing how Allah (SWT) has given us many signs to ponder over and to remind us of our obligation and priority in this life.  How should the believers react to such events which seem to be more and more common.  Are they natural phoenomenons
or is there much more to understand - a sign and a warning from Allah (SWT)?

Value Your Life
How we are to appreciate this gift of life, and what advice the Prophet (SAW) has given us in utilising our time in this world to remain obedient to Allah, before it is simply too late for us.


These and other talks are available on audio cassette, priced 2.00 (incl.p+p) in the U.K and 2.50 (incl.p+p) overseas.

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In addition to these new titles, some of the Islamic Shariah Institutes's most popular lectures are general talks which remind us of some of the fundamental duties and some of the pitfalls of life - which are often neglected or overlooked.  Some of the titles include: The Lure of Shaitaan and the Promise of Allah, Islam and the Realm of the Unseen,  The Journey of the Soul After Death,  The Gift of Time, The Status of the Beard, The Status of the Hijab, Love for the Prophet (SAW), Ramadhan - The Spiritual Month, The Importance of Change, etc.

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