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Due to the continuing oppression of the Muslims of the blessed land of Palestine and the inevitable direct threat to Masjid al Aqsa, the Islamic Shariah Institute has initiated an on going Da'wah programme to inform the Muslims of the need to understand the importance of the Masjid, its history, its relevance as well as the conspiracies surrounding its destruction.

In light of this, the Islamic Shariah Institute has produced the following series of audio cassettes on this topic:-

You can purchase all these cassettes at a special discounted rate of 13.50 ( plus p&p) Order on-line now

The ISI humbly encourages you to obtain as many of these cassettes as possible to educate yourselves, families, friends and colleagues of the importance of Masjid al Aqsa - the First Qibla (of the Muslims after Hijra), the Second Masjid (built 40 years after the Ka'ba in Makkah) and the Third Haram (the  first Haram being in Makkah and the second Haram in Madinah)

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